May 26, 2017

Watch The Leather Boys 1964

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Brief Encounter 1946

Brief Encounter 1946

A respectable, happily married doctor (Trevor Howard) comes to the aid of an equally upstanding housewife (Celia Johnson) when a [Read More]

Norman Wisdom Collection

Norman Wisdom classics. In 'On the Beat' Wisdom stars as a bumbling Scotland Yard car park attendant who gets his chance to be a real policeman after he accidentally catches some crooks. He resembles one of the crooks....

Norman Wisdom Collection

John Mills – Centenary Collection

John Mills. 'Great Expectations' (1946) is the classic film version of Dickens' novel, directed by David Lean, in which orphan Pip (Anthony Wager) befriends an escaped convict before being elevated to higher circles...

John Mills - The Centenary Collection

The Michael Caine Collection

The Michael Caine Collection [DVD]


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